New letter from X4 Labs Extender customer!

We always enjoy reading letters from X4 Labs Extender customers. Our customer support team just has received a new letter from our customer in Australia, we decided to publish this letter for you (with permission of author):
Hi, My name is Frank, I live in Sydney, Australia and have been using your X4 Labs Extender for 1 month now, and have noticed very great results. I have followed instructions received with device to the dot and am very pleased with the results i see, this is a very good product which i would reccomend to anyone who thinks their penis size is too small. I started at roughly 5¾ inches, and after 1 month of full use i am now proud to be at 6½ inches! I have also noticed that the head of my penis seems bigger, and my erections seem stronger. I am a lot more happy with myself as i have reached my goal after only one month and my girlfriend cant seem to keep her hands off of me. Thank you so much for your X4 Labs Extender. Frank, AU

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